page IMG 6765At SNCIRE, we love where we live. We love driving to work and seeing moose and bears on the side of the road. We love that some of the most powerful rivers and enormous mountains in the world are just outside our front door. And we love that we know our neighbours, their parents and their parents' parents.

Northwest BC is an exceptional place to live and its natural resources are a huge reason why people stay, play, and work here. But we believe our region and communities will only reach their full potential if we move beyond a commodity mindset. We believe stakeholders in the region need to work together and think more creatively to get the highest value from our natural resources.

Download our one page 'In Brief' fact sheet. 

What we do

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  • Foster innovation and research to identify and create new economic opportunities - small to large - from the region’s natural resources
  • Educate important stakeholders about the vital role of our natural resources and the importance of diversifying the Skeena-Nass economy
  • Provide information and advice regarding natural resource opportunities and development to interested parties
  • Act as a non-partisan voice for identification and discussion of regional issues and undertake joint industry and community action
  • Host, facilitate and participate in key meetings, forums and workshops, and government and industry committees

Boom and Bust to Diversified and Sustainable

Northwest BC has a history of booms and busts. As a result of mill and mine closures, many of our communities and friends who live here have gone through devastating periods of unemployment. People who have lived in the area for decades have lost their jobs and been forced to move elsewhere.

We want to break this cycle by identifying and capturing the full and highest value of our resources, then strengthening our ability to produce quality commodity products. At SNCIRE, we are passionate and committed to optimizing and diversifying our region's natural resource economy.